Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Local_listener value getting set automatically to a wrong one...

It was a perfectly fine evening in support, till we got a mail saying client connection to datawarehouse production database is not working..first instinct we thought issue at client end, even a test connection i did from my client went fine to the database. but later other users started reporting, there ETl reports were we realised we have a problem at our hand.on examination of the alert log we found that local_listener parameter value got set to a wrong value autmatically....puzzling...

we set it back to its original value and issue got resolved..

SR was raised, Oracle confirmed it is a internal bug

bug 11772838 .please refer the note note ID 1384707.1: ORA Agent modify or overwrite LOCAL_LISTENER

How to avoid this issue in further..the note gives a workaround.

set local_listener value in the below format


One thing that puzzled me more is the RAC concept of high availability,obviously we had issue with local_listener value in only 1 node, being a 6 node RAC how was this affecting the client directly. clients are in fact using the scan listener to connect to db.

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  1. is this a bug in oracle database or exadata database ..?

    reply urgent